Offices around the world: Capital One’s Innovation Lab in the USA

Financial giant Capital One recently revamped their Arlington, Virginia location with the help of OTJ Architects. In order to create a more flexible and collaborative office, the designers created the space to be an Innovation Lab.


“Capital One is the latest financial institution to take a laboratory approach to technology development, a strategy used by other institutions to explore new technology and see if it makes sense for their needs,“ said the architects.


The Capital One culture is rooted in a commitment to constantly innovate and work as a unified and highly collaborative team.


In order to incorporate this culture, OTJ created a space that fosters deep collaboration and breakthrough thinking. OTJ designed an open and highly configurable and flexible space that supports collaboration and idea sessions.


In order to allow for brainstorming throughout the space, each wall was created as a whiteboard from floor to ceiling.


Nooks were created to allow for a comfortable meeting area for staff to collaborate.


The innovation lab exhibits Capital One’s values in the design, as well as speaks to its heritage of innovation. The space is an open plan that is fun, vibrant, and stimulating.”


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