Teknion introduces new corporate responsibility report

Teknion CSR

Canadian professional furniture producer, Teknion Corporation has announced the availability of its new Corporate Responsibility Report.

“For the past dozen or so years, Teknion has been documenting its many successful environmental initiatives. Now, the time is right for us to share our successes beyond this area,” said David Feldberg, President & CEO. “Teknion’s Corporate Responsibility Report is a record of our wider corporate citizenship efforts, and tells about a company that is constantly evolving and always seeking new ways to advance itself and the industry that it serves.”

Teknion’s corporate responsibility story chronicles a company rooted in family and committed to its employees, partners, business and the environment. The 48-page Corporate Responsibility Report highlights four areas where Teknion has the greatest responsibility and opportunity to make a positive impact – Environmental Initiatives; Health, Safety and Well-Being; Inclusivity and Diversity; and Engagement and Education.

“Like our environmental efforts, our corporate citizenship successes are grounded in our entrepreneurial beginnings,” Feldberg adds. “We have structured our organization to support this by keeping the layers of decision-making to a minimum, allowing us an agility not typically seen in companies our size. We give our employees the room to show initiative and see that their ideas are valued.
We also realize that knowledge, innovation and learning can come from anywhere, so we reach out to collaborate and find inspiration not just within our industry but also beyond it.”

Click here to view the report in pdf-format.

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