And here it is: 3D printed furniture

We predicted it in our well-read piece ‘The Big Head and Long Tail of the office furniture industry‘ and here it is: 3D printed furniture.

Design duo Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram used custom software to adapt and strengthen the branch-like metal joints of this collection of 3D printed furniture, as shown at the Istanbul Design Biennial.

1 Weisshaar

Weisshaar commented: ‘Now there’s technologies where you can actually melt on metals straight away and print metal objects straight away. That’s what we’re using – it’s called selective laser melting,’ he says, adding that 3D printing with plastic has largely produced trivial objects like ashtrays and egg cups. ‘We don’t do the much-hyped 3D printing of plastics […] now there’s technologies where you can actually print usable objects.’

2 Weisshaar

‘We take engineering code that lets us calculate the forces acting within an object, and we’re bringing that into design software we’re writing,’ he explains. “We want to use it to see things that the eye can’t see […] in many cases you make assumptions, you think there’s a lot of strain on the joint there, but it’s not, it’s somewhere else. We’re using this technology for tables and chairs now because we think that tables and chairs really deserve this kind of attention,’ he adds.

3 Weisshaar

See also the Audi R18 chair by the same design duo or watch an interview with Clemens Weisshaar on the future of software and design.

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