NFC Index for offices 2011: EUR 9.689

This week, the NFC Index for offices 2011 was presented. The NFC Index gathers workplace cost information on 2.5 million square meters of office space in The Netherlands.

In 2011, the total facility costs per workstation amounted to EUR 9.689 (2010: EUR 9.990 | 2009: EUR 10.280). The index = 83 (2003 = 100 | 2010 = 87). This is the lowest score since the start of the index in 2003.

In the last eight years costs have decreased by 18% at a consumer inflation level of 14%. This results in an increase in the efficiency of the facilities function (Facility Management, Real Estate and ICT) of 29% in eight years.

Half of the index is for housing: EUR 4.451 and a quarter for ICT costs: EUR 2,629.

Housing costs (about half of the index) decreased by 7%, the highest decrease ever. The underlying determinants were a decrease of 4% of rent and financing costs (an indication of impairments and lower rents in existing rental contracts), -11% in maintenance (postponement or simplification of maintenance) and a decline of 23% in energy costs (partly because of the soft climate in 2011).

ICT costs have increased, mainly caused by service desk work, workstation management and telematics. Even though the rates of bandwidth have gone down, the increased capacity demand has led to more volume and hence, higher costs.

The NFC Index also offers insight into the effect of NWoW and the costs per FTE. The so-called ‘flex-factor’ still hovers around 1, i.e. for 1 FTE, 1 workstation is available. This 1 FTE however, consists more and more of various part-timers. Because of the office space vacancy and the decreasing rents, there is less pressure on intensifying the available space.

You can download the full report (in Dutch only) here.

In Dutch via Officenieuws.

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