Image, Reality and Transparency in Corporate Real Estate and Environment Responsibility

The following post was written by Barry F. Hersh. Mr. Hersh is a Clinical Associate Professor at the New York University, Schack Institute of Real Estate where he teaches graduate courses and conducts research related to environmental aspects of real estate. He has over thirty years experience as a real estate executive (with Reynolds Aluminum), […] Read more

Upcycling: Fresh Pallet Style Office in Amsterdam

Using pallets as office furniture is about as peculiar as using containers as a home structure, but in this case, aesthetically speaking, the design by Most Architecture seems to work well.  Maybe it’s the mixture of clean walls with jenga-like stacks and bold lines.  Whatever it is, BrandBase, a company based out of Amsterdam, commissioned the temporary space […] Read more

Paper can do so much more! Office paper conducts electricity Nanotechnology has been used by a New York design office to change a sheet of standard office paper into a flexible surface that can conduct electricity. The work was done by Decker Yeadon LLC, a firm that specializes in finding novel applications for advanced materials, such as smart materials and nanomaterials. They […] Read more

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