SourceYour – doing the right things right

The label SourceYour is about knowing better and doing the right things right.

Common sense tells us that many things in business could be improved upon: ‘you know better than that…’ By acquiring more knowledge and experience we will all know better.

In many business-to-business (b2b) purchasing and sales processes a considerable amount of waste (time, energy, physical goods, paper, carbon dioxide, water vapor, particle dust and money) is being produced. The law of diminishing returns is applicable in early stages of these purchasing and sales processes.

Aimed at furniture and facilities for professional organizations, SourceYour dramatically improves the (eco)-effectiveness of purchasing and sales processes and the (eco)-efficiency of the money involved.

SourceYour’s mission is to add and improve value in sales and purchasing processes:

  • Value to both the purchasing and selling organizations because they exist more effectively and efficiently with less cost in terms of money, time, energy, carbon footprint, water vapor, particle dust
  • Value of the goods or services purchased to the organization who buys them at lower total cost of ownership
  • Value to the purchasing organization because they get to the right choice easier and quicker
  • Value to the selling organization because their sales process and cycle becomes better targeted, shorter and with less duplicates
  • So you know better

SourceYour is aimed at sectors which are characterized by traditional purchasing and sales processes in which e-business could add value and improve these processes.

“Everybody deserves a chance to know better”.

We believe in education and in re-thinking the way things are done. So much talent is wasted in this world because many people (children and adults alike) do not have the opportunity to get the education they would need to make a difference in this world. Everybody deserves a chance to know better. 

Our charity donations are aimed at knowing better and improving the life circumstances for people around the globe through the means of education. Stay tuned and you will learn more.



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