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Artichokes into furniture and back: the ARTI collection by Schaffenburg

Dutch producing wholesaler of professional furniture, Schaffenburg, presented a promising innovation during their annual dealer event last Friday. Schaffenburg teamed up with Greek designer Spyros Kizis, who, as part of his graduation project, invented a bio-plastic made from artichoke thistle and seeds pressed with bio-resin. Not only is the end-product rock solid and 100% bio-degradable, […] Read more

Next Life: unwanted wood into furniture

Finnish designer and woodworker Jalmari Laihinen‘s amazing new collection of furniture celebrates the beauty of cracked, harsh edged wood that would otherwise go unnoticed or discarded. The cracked corners and defects in Jalmari Laihinen’s Broken furnishings remind us that wood is a natural material derived from plants. With variation in moisture wood can be made to bend […] Read more

New eco-friendly top coat for Feek furniture

American furniture and architectural solutions manufacturer Trendway has announced what the company says is a unique water-based top coat for its Feek NA (North America) Fundamentals and Feek Custom product lines. This innovation reportedly positions Feek as the first coated foam furniture on the U.S. market utilizing a more sustainable water-based colour coat technology. Coated […] Read more

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