Furniture: Zero Energy Furniture stores heat to regulate temperature

This table by designers Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange absorbs and releases thermal energy depending on the temperature of the room. The first design in Ménard and Lagrange’s Zero Energy Furniture range is a table with a solid-oak top, a corrugated anodised aluminium underside and oak trellis-style legs. It is designed to absorb excess heat […] Read more

Sustainable products: felt products made from PET bottles

Netherlands-based studio De Vorm presents a series of environments to explore the adaptability and functionality of their diverse product line. The rooms are stripped down to their essence, furnished sparingly using only necessary objects that are made with the studio’s signature PET-felt material. The textile is made of recycled PET bottles which are sorted, processed, […] Read more

Furniture: modular desk for women’s rights campaign

Any design, no matter how innovative or thought out, will fail to please everyone it comes into contact with. Whether it’s not aesthetically pleasing personally, doesn’t translate culturally, or simply doesn’t meet the needs of the user — it will always fail someone. Al Borde arquitectos faced the unfortunate but commonplace situation when tasked with […] Read more

Furniture: Patricia Urquiola coats furniture with an iridescent sheen

By employing an iridescent multi-chromatic finish, Patricia Urqiola adds an ethereal element to her ‘Shimmer’ series, which was presented at the Salone del Mobile 2015. The tables, consoles and shelves designed for Glas Italia transform themselves when exposed to various light sources or when viewed from a variety of angles. Refracted hues and tones give the […] Read more

Furniture: Konstantin Grcic designs Remo chair for Plank

Plank continues their tradition of producing high quality wooden furnishings with the ‘Remo’ chair by German designer Konstantin Grcic. The piece debuted at Salone del Mobile 2015. The defining characteristic of ‘Remo’ is an interlocking joint that attaches the curved seat and back to a horizontal back rest. Made of laminated, bent plywood the chair is simultaneously lightweight […] Read more

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