Conversions: hotel storage into housing trust offices

Thanks to this re-purposing of a former hotel storage space into its new offices, Skid Row Housing Trust is now better equipped to develop, manage, and operate housing for the homeless of Los Angeles. In addition to its emphasis on housing, the organization also provides support services to help its residents move beyond poverty, illness, […] Read more

Next Life: colours work!

Combiwerk in Delft, The Netherlands, is a so-called ‘social workplace’; a company which finds custom work for individuals with physical, psychological, or mental limitations. The interior, which includes 4,000 m2 of office spaces, a company restaurant, the career square, entrance ways and a lobby, was designed by i29 interior architects. ‘A social workplace must be social; […] Read more

Next Life: broom handles into chair

Despite its name STEEL, this chair by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong is made from old wooden broom handles, rakes, shovels and other tools. The handles have acquired a darkened patina from years of use, but clean wood is visible where they’ve been cut. The designer is also asking people to donate their old brooms to […] Read more

Next Life: reused furniture sprayed dark grey

Amsterdam-based ad agency Gummo‘s space was designed by i29 interior architects and they used only reused furniture which has been sprayed dark grey (we suspect the Feek Orca Square low seating could be original though). Gummo’s space was built in 2009 as a temporary space – only to be used for two years. As such, […] Read more

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