Conversions: Concrete bunker into green power plant with visitor centre

This concrete Second World War bunker in Hamburg has been converted into a renewable energy plant and visitor centre by urban development company IBA Hamburg. IBA Hamburg restored and expanded the 42-metre-high ruined concrete shell, which had remained unoccupied since the end of the war. Working with German energy firm Hamburg Energie, the company transformed the bunker […] Read more

Silos topped with shipping containers provide cheap student housing

South Africa’s Citiq Property Developers are ushering in a new era of innovative student housing with abandoned properties and repurposed materials. Mill Junction, their most recent project located in Johannesburg, was constructed out of two former grain silos topped with four floors of colourful shipping containers. The complex is the second of its kind in […] Read more

Next Life: furniture from plastic factory waste

Dutch designer Ruben Thier‘s clever Organic Factory furniture is made from plastic waste and excess material salvaged from factory floors. To make these reclaimed wonders he sneaks in between shifts and uses the factories’ extruders and machines to turn out durable seats, benches and tables. Thier’s irregular and organic creations make the most from waste […] Read more

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