Sustainable furniture: upcycling wood pallets into furniture

Studio Muda was challenged to create a set of outdoor furniture from recycled wood pallets. The design team conducted research on over 200 pieces of furniture made from upcycled pallets before settling on their final minimal design that minimized waste and evoked the appearance of pallets. Three furniture pieces—one table and two benches—were crafted from […] Read more

Next life: furniture made from metal garbage containers

For their new ‘Bins’ series Czech studio Design Fabrika looked to the past to create functional, gritty pieces for the present. The once ubiquitous metal bin, long since replaced by plastic receptacles, projects a raw functionality via its brazen steel construction. Once a feature of every street-scape, the humble garbage container moves indoors via seven iterations, including:  chair, stool, […] Read more

Next life furniture: a table made from an IKEA catalogue

IKEA is a famous retail company with multiple stores in countries around the world. Their selection includes ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, and accessories, all of which present the principles of Swedish contemporary design. They are simple, elegant, functional, and most importantly, eco-friendly. Taking this idea of sustainability to a greater extent is a project called the […] Read more

Next life: community center made from recycled plastic bottles

This colorful project located in the Cazucá neighborhood in Colombia’s capital of Bogota is an eco-friendly community center made from over 40,000 recycled PET plastic bottles. Helmed by the Nukanti Foundation, which focuses on developing cross-cultural communication, community building, and social entrepreneurship, the project provides a space for numerous activities that facilitate empowerment of vulnerable […] Read more

Next life: School made from 32 recycled shipping containers

The Waldorf School of Orange County recently unveiled a set of new buildings made from 32 shipping containers. It took 99 days to build the 4 free-standing buildings which provide 10,000 square meters of new classroom space, administrative offices, a science lab, a library, a student lounge and an auditorium. The $2 million school is […] Read more

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