20 historic buildings you probably didn’t know were green

Recently, a Venetian Gothic palazzo from 1453 and Fay House at Harvard University, built in 1807, were LEED certified. These remarkably historic green buildings are certainly not alone. Dozens of historic buildings have become LEED certified, and some of them are already well known, like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and Chicago’s Merchandise […] Read more

The world’s most sustainable commercial building in Dubai, UAE

The Change Initiative Building (TCI) in Dubai, UAE, has been awarded 107 out of 110 LEED points from the US Green Building Council, which technically makes it the most sustainable building in the world. The 4,000-square-meter (43,056 square feet) retail shop, which provides sustainable solutions to customers, received a the world’s highest LEED Platinum rating […] Read more

KI earns indoor air quality certification for furniture products

A majority of American manufacturer KI‘s line of furniture products, including moveable walls, desk and panel systems, storage, tables, and seating have received the Indoor Advantage Gold certification for indoor air quality, issued by SCS Global Services. The accreditation makes these KI products eligible for LEED credits and other international green building rating systems. “As […] Read more

New Product Category Rule PCR for office storage products

Global public health organisation NSF International, and the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association BIFMA have released a new Product Category Rule PCR for office storage products that will help managers and specifiers meet green procurement goals and green building rating systems such as LEED. The PCR defines the science-based and internationally recognized method for […] Read more

Conversions: Old laboratory into Sustainability Institute

A LEED Platinum research building dedicated to sustainability is great, but it’s even better when it makes use of an existing building like the Resnick Institute for Science, Energy and Sustainability. Caltech‘s new energy and environmental research building renovated the vacant and fortress-like Jorgensen Laboratory into the ultra efficient space that it is now. The […] Read more

The world’s greenest office building opens in Munich

Munich, Germany now boasts the greenest office building in the world. NuOffice is off the charts in all sustainability metrics, easily achieving LEED platinum status. European research project DIRECTION and scientists from Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics banded together to help design the über-green building, hoping it will serve as a model for future new […] Read more

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