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Conversions: 150-year-old farm complex into office and apartments

EM2N won a competition to develop the 7,000-square-metre Hammer Farm estate in Cham, a municipality bordering Lake Zug in Switzerland. The historic complex had been adapted and extended many times since its opening in 1854, resulting in a jumble of farmhouse and out-buildings of different ages. EM2N overhauled the entire site, creating the new mixed-use complex. Existing two- and three-storey buildings were converted into live-work spaces. The architects re-skinned and extended […] Read more

Conversions / sustainable architecture: offices built in 100-year-old warehouse

Toronto-based MSDS Studio was approached by online retail brand Shopify to redesign the interior of its offices in a 100-year-old warehouse. The studio divided the existing space into two volumes representing different areas of trade activity. “The design of the office is built on the metaphor of the mechanisms of contemporary commerce: the front office block and […] Read more

Conversions: carpet factory into collaborative workspace

Located in a former carpet factory in Shoreditch, Second Home is a collaborative workspace for various small companies, featuring transparent acrylic walls, over a thousand plants and a so-called “flying table”. At the front of the two-storey space is a canteen restaurant where occupants are encouraged to interact with one another and share ideas. Inspired by Richard Rogers’ River Cafe, […] Read more

Conversions: storage into office and studio

Design studio Post-Office has transformed an old photographic storage unit in east London into an office and creative studio. Designer Philippe Malouin and his team wanted the space to reference the building’s industrial history, so they retained the existing concrete floor and left pipes and wiring exposed across the ceilings. The company directors’ rooms are modelled on […] Read more

Conversions: car factory into education centre in Adelaide, Australia

The Sustainable Industries Education Centre (SIEC), which won the Sustainable Re-use category at Inside Festival this year, is a 45,0000 square-metre campus, which provides training for various trades in the construction industry. The centre occupies part of an abandoned car manufacturing plant in Adelaide, Australia, which was built by Chrysler in 1964 and later operated […] Read more

Conversions: noodle factory into offices of Bosco

From the architect Makoto Yamaguchi Design: In converting this nondescript, three-story steel building–a former noodle factory sitting among old warehouses in downtown Tokyo–we began by grounding our inspiration on the idea of the “forest” (or “bosco” in Italian). As a result, we made subtle and playful interventions of various scales and materiality, ranging from one […] Read more

Conversions: 1948 handset factory into workspace

Designed by HOK, the three-story, 183,000-sq.-ft. @4240 building—originally constructed in 1948 as a telephone handset factory—provides flexible tenant solutions, including customized labs for both large- and small-molecule research; dry labs for electronic, medical device, or software research; and modern office space. While preserving and highlighting the masonry structure’s historic character, the building was retrofitted with […] Read more

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