Furniture: StandTable is an office desk with a circular podium

UNStudio’s StandTable was created for Rotterdam furniture company Prooff, which specialises in creating products for public spaces. The table was designed in response to research that suggests standing while working is healthier than sitting, as well as changing patterns of interaction in office environments that have seen informal meetings become more common. “Standing while working […] Read more

Does casual dress harm productivity at work?

According to fashion psychologist Dr. Karen Pine, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, dressing casually can make a person feel less focused and alert. A study of work attire by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinksky found that subjects wearing physician’s lab coats were better at tasks that required attention. Interestingly, when the subjects […] Read more

Designing spaces for creativity

Student & designer John Wetzel researched the elements needed when designing spaces for creativity. His search involved a literature review and work with expert designers at Steelcase and Haworth, plus observational research on creative office space use in Michigan and California. He looked at how physical environments influence people’s creative potential and distilled his thoughts […] Read more

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