Facilities Management: Benchmarking

Facilities Benchmarking is the identification of industry best practices that lead to superior performance, where data from individual facilities are measured against those from other comparable ones. Each month, courtesy of FM BENCHMARKING, a leading benchmarking online service for facilities managers and CREs, FMLink is presenting a new article focusing on a key benchmarking metric. FM […] Read more

Speaking of sustainability…. Eames

Powers of Ten Day will be a special day of screenings, workshops, and events around the world — not just October 10th, but throughout the month. It is all part of the Eames Office’s commitment to Powers of Ten thinking. “We believe that much of the magic and many of the problems of the world are matters of scale, […] Read more

The Best Green Designs From 100% Design London

100% Design opened its doors during the London Design Festival with an incredible exhibition of over 4,000 designs, and team Inhabitat was on the scene to bring you the best green designs from this years cutting edge crop of designers. From incredible examples of transforming furniture to innovative applications of green textiles and materials like […] Read more

Is it a new movement, or just new PR?

In reviewing MoMA’s upcoming exhibit Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement Christopher Hawthorne suggests that the growing trend of exhibitions focusing on so-called “humanitarian design” says more about a recent change in curatorial interest, in museum architecture departments more broadly, than a real sea of change sweeping the design industries. Read more in […] Read more

Designline Office – Recycling of a different Art (German)

In Stockholms hippstem Bezirk, mitten im quirligen Södermalm, sprühen die Grafikdesigner von Oktavilla nur so vor Ideen: Jeden Tag entstehen hier neue Konzepte für unterschiedliche Kunden. Dieser kreativen Arbeit entspricht nun auch das Büro des kleinen Unternehmens, dessen visueller Transformation sich das junge Architekturbüro Elding Oscarson angenommen hatte, das ebenfalls in der schwedischen Hauptstadt ansässig […] Read more

IFMA Names New Director of Finance and Administration

The International Facility Management Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Christeen Seymour as the association’s director of finance and administration. She will assume her duties Oct. 4. In her new role, Seymour’s primary responsibility will be to provide strategic and tactical leadership, management and oversight of IFMA’s financial management and reporting. In addition […] Read more

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