Design District and organise the #SMAdd competition

The Design District event for interior design in the Netherlands (formerly known as 100%Design) and, blog for architecture, design and professional interiors, together organise the #SMAdd – Social Media Award Design District 2013 competition. The coming edition of Design District will be held 6-8 June 2013 at Taets on the Hembrug site in Zaandam, the […] Read more

Next Life: waste wood into furniture

New Zealand based Rekindle is a social enterprise that makes furniture and other useful objects from waste wood. Their mission is to support communities to utilise their wood waste fully and in doing so, maximize the benefits of the purposeful work involved. In making furniture with waste wood Rekindle develops employment opportunities and actively enables […] Read more

Next Life: bicycle tubes into rugs

Typically, bicycle tubes end up in landfills after their useful lives. So why not find a different purpose for them? Spanish rug designer Nanimarquina explains: ‘This design was born through researching the possibility of using recycled rubber to create new textures. The solution arose during a journey to India: using inner tubes from bicycle tyres, […] Read more

Biodegradable Terra stools with zero energy cost

In the last several years ‘designer-gatherer’ Adital Ela has dedicated her time to the earth by developing Terra – a brand of bio furniture made from compressed earth and agricultural waste. Terra is a series of products that are 100% organic, can be produced everywhere with local earth and agricultural residue, require zero energy to […] Read more

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