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New Dutch circular economy initiative for professional interiors

Today, at the Dutch trade fair ‘Facilitair’, several Dutch professional interior providers will introduce a new initiative in support of the circular economy, Re:Able. Re.Able is a cooperation (organised in a co-op) between interior architects, project managers, housing consultants and facility managers, that designs and realises tailor-made interiors. But instead of the customer having to […] Read more

Next Life: furniture from plastic factory waste

Dutch designer Ruben Thier‘s clever Organic Factory furniture is made from plastic waste and excess material salvaged from factory floors. To make these reclaimed wonders he sneaks in between shifts and uses the factories’ extruders and machines to turn out durable seats, benches and tables. Thier’s irregular and organic creations make the most from waste […] Read more

Next Life: Nepalese trashed silk into funky furniture

Fabric waste becomes an end material for handcrafted furniture by Istanbul-based designer Meb-Rure. Featuring a chair and ottoman, this fun and funky furniture duo is made of oak and recycled silk reclaimed from Nepal. The production of these bright and bold pieces of ‘Recycled Silk’ furniture also provides work opportunities for unemployed women from Nepal […] Read more

Next Life: PET-bottles into playful acoustics

When in 2007, Belgian BuzziSpace founder Steve Symons realized he was creating working spaces with only hard surfaces with his partitioning company Tecnospace, he started looking for acoustic solutions. When he couldn’t find a single-source sustainable solution for all the different dimensions of acoustics, he asked designer Sas Adriaenssens to find the ultimate material for […] Read more

Next Life: 50,000 old CDs, 5,500 used soda cans, and 2,000 PET-bottles into Nike store

Everything inside Nike’s newest concept store in Shanghai is made from trash, except for the products on sale of course. Taiwanese architectural firm Miniwiz Sustainable Development Ltd. used 5,500 soda cans, 2,000 PET water bottles and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs to design the interior and fixtures. The amazing origami ceiling is made from recycled DVDs, while […] Read more

Next Life: fallen wood into furniture

ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture specializes in creating gorgeous, modern furniture pieces, but with a keen focus on sustainability. All the wood used by ITZ is reclaimed from the Mayan forests of Southern Quintana Roo in Mexico, and have fallen due to natural causes. Their simple design collections feature wood with its natural imperfections—they preserve the natural forms, the holes, curves […] Read more

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