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The end of the designer and the facility manager?

At SourceYour | so you know better we like a bit of forward thinking. We are following the developments in 3D-printed furniture but what if this furniture could move, self-assemble, self-reconfigure and self-repair? Would we still need furniture designers or facility managers? The project Roombots at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland intends […] Read more

Next Life: broom handles into chair

Despite its name STEEL, this chair by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong is made from old wooden broom handles, rakes, shovels and other tools. The handles have acquired a darkened patina from years of use, but clean wood is visible where they’ve been cut. The designer is also asking people to donate their old brooms to […] Read more

Make your own – stylish – office

There are many different ways to furnish your office inexpensively. You could make your furniture yourself. But would it look good? Making your own furniture is probably a bad option for most people, but not if you’re an architecture firm with a keen eye for design. Mode:lina, an architecture and consulting firm in Poznan, Poland, […] Read more

Next Life: reused furniture sprayed dark grey

Amsterdam-based ad agency Gummo‘s space was designed by i29 interior architects and they used only reused furniture which has been sprayed dark grey (we suspect the Feek Orca Square low seating could be original though). Gummo’s space was built in 2009 as a temporary space – only to be used for two years. As such, […] Read more

And here it is: 3D printed furniture

We predicted it in our well-read piece ‘The Big Head and Long Tail of the office furniture industry‘ and here it is: 3D printed furniture. Design duo Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram used custom software to adapt and strengthen the branch-like metal joints of this collection of 3D printed furniture, as shown at the Istanbul […] Read more

The paper tube office

Australian Zouk Architects made creative use of affordable and recycled materials to create an interesting space at minimal expense in their new open plan office, which was later called the ‘Paper tube’ office. Rather than disposing of moving waste, Zouk repurposed the unwanted materials as an integral part of the design of their new premise. […] Read more

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