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Offices as a marketplace for ideas

German advertising agency fischerAppelt did not want to create just an office but a space that functioned as a marketplace, in which the trading of ideas, communications and design will take place. Located in Hamburg, Germany, their office space combines style, professionalism, and creativity. To create this marketplace-like atmosphere, the space is not fashioned towards maximum use […] Read more

Zaha, Gehry and other architects design rugs to keep Afghan women employed

Heartwarming story of the month: A Chicago rug vendor has tapped several architecture superstars for a new collection that aims to help impoverished Afghan women. The designs by Frank Gehry, Michael Graves, Zaha Hadid, Robert A.M. Stern, Margaret McCurry, and Stanley Tigerman will be sold through Arzu Studio Hope, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of Afghan weavers and their families. The […] Read more

Next Life: waste wood into furniture

New Zealand based Rekindle is a social enterprise that makes furniture and other useful objects from waste wood. Their mission is to support communities to utilise their wood waste fully and in doing so, maximize the benefits of the purposeful work involved. In making furniture with waste wood Rekindle develops employment opportunities and actively enables […] Read more

Next Life: bicycle tubes into rugs

Typically, bicycle tubes end up in landfills after their useful lives. So why not find a different purpose for them? Spanish rug designer Nanimarquina explains: ‘This design was born through researching the possibility of using recycled rubber to create new textures. The solution arose during a journey to India: using inner tubes from bicycle tyres, […] Read more

Biodegradable Terra stools with zero energy cost

In the last several years ‘designer-gatherer’ Adital Ela has dedicated her time to the earth by developing Terra – a brand of bio furniture made from compressed earth and agricultural waste. Terra is a series of products that are 100% organic, can be produced everywhere with local earth and agricultural residue, require zero energy to […] Read more

Next Life: Interface carpet made of discarded fishing nets

American carpet designer and manufacturer Interface is finding that it’s cheaper to find old nylon than make it new. And where can you find a lot of used nylon? Floating in the ocean. Interface is now expanding its supply chain to include a community-based clean-up effort of marine trash. NetWorks, a joint-initiative between Interface and […] Read more

Office of the Future: Popup. Pallet. Modular. Shipping Container

How do you work was an exhibit at Toronto’s Interior Design Show that featured four designers’ unique approaches to today’s concept of a work space. Heather Dubbeldam‘s approach was made of recycled shipping pallets, built up into a sort of plug-in modular design. Dubbeldam writes: ‘There has been a profound shift in the way we […] Read more

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