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LEED introduces new office furniture pilot credit

Projects pursuing LEED certification may now be able to earn credit for specifying furniture products certified under a new designation developed in partnership with the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). Products certified with the “level” designation can earn the new LEED Pilot Credit 80: Environmentally Preferable Interior Finishes and Furnishings Pilot Credit 80 […] Read more

The next big thing in furniture design and manufacturing?

The focus in distributed furniture production seems to be on 3D-printing, but what if there would be a close-to-home production source available already? Architects Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher of AtFab have set out to create downloadable designed furniture which can be produced close to home, making use of distributed CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery […] Read more

Next Life: The Retyrement Plan

The Retyrement Plan is a collection of outdoor weatherproof furniture items created from old, discarded automobile tires and recycled plastics. Anu Tandon Viera creates a woven upholstery of recycled plastic wrapper waste over a ‘frame’ of tires salvaged from old scooters to discarded trucks. The “virtually indestructible” ottomans are part of a collection that includes […] Read more

Flat-pack steel folds out into table

Instead of forcing materials to follow form, this product stems directly from materials, answering the question: what can one build from a single standard-sized sheet of steel? Designed by George Rice for Formtank, the 4FoldLow table is a thoroughly-engineered solution – each cut and fold reflects careful consideration of material properties and structural stability. Source

BMA Ergonomics presents sustainability report

Dutch manufacturer of ergonomic seating solutions BMA Ergonomics has issued its 2013 sustainability report. BMA Ergonomics reports along the GRI G3.1 guidelines about their sustainability performance. Their reporting meets application level C. BMA Ergonomics characterises their sustainability policy as a ‘search for meaning and connection’ and places it in the current era of economic crisis […] Read more

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