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Sustainable furniture: stools with bacteria, sand and urine

Edinburgh College of Art student Peter Trimble has built a ready-made machine for making compostable furniture. Called Dupe, the machine converts sand, urine and bacteria into a new biomaterial similar to concrete. Trimble’s Dupe stools are surprisingly sturdy, and at the end of their lifetime they can be broken up and used as a fertilizer. Trimble’s […] Read more

Conversions: warehouse into coworking offices in New York City, USA

StudiosC has designed the new coworking offices of Brooklyn Desks located in New York City. With both shared and private offices catering to the local creative class—small music labels, graphic designers, and the like—this coworking facility occupies the ground level of a converted concrete warehouse. Conte recalls the 10,000-square-foot space he first encountered as “a […] Read more

Next life: furniture made from metal garbage containers

For their new ‘Bins’ series Czech studio Design Fabrika looked to the past to create functional, gritty pieces for the present. The once ubiquitous metal bin, long since replaced by plastic receptacles, projects a raw functionality via its brazen steel construction. Once a feature of every street-scape, the humble garbage container moves indoors via seven iterations, including:  chair, stool, […] Read more

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