Sustainable products: felt products made from PET bottles

Netherlands-based studio De Vorm presents a series of environments to explore the adaptability and functionality of their diverse product line. The rooms are stripped down to their essence, furnished sparingly using only necessary objects that are made with the studio’s signature PET-felt material. The textile is made of recycled PET bottles which are sorted, processed, […] Read more

Sustainable architecture: old pallets used to create an office in Tokyo

Over 100 wooden transport pallets were broken down to create floorboards, wall coverings and furniture for a temporary office space in Tokyo. Local design studio Hiroki Tominaga Atelier was asked to convert a 50-square-metre space on the ground floor of a three-storey building into a meeting room. As the building is rented by the client – a video production […] Read more

Cool and sustainable offices: STGM Architect’s head office in Quebec, Canada

This minimalist office building in Quebec, Canada, integrates innovative sustainable technologies into its large wood- and concrete-clad volume. STGM Architects designed the building as their own headquarters and made sure to create spacious and comfortable work spaces without compromising on their green features. With a low ecological impact, reclaimed furniture and wide spans, the building […] Read more

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