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Cool offices: ZS Associates offices in Gurgaon, India

DSP Design Associates has created a  new office space for ZS Associates, a professional services firm in Gurgaon, India.

Cool offices: ZS Associates offices in Gurgaon, India

The entire office is designed to be flexible and scalable, by using the workstation as a building module. Some important philosophies guided the design:

Creating a modern, yet warm and inviting feel: ZS Delhi office incorporates natural materials including stone, wood and plants. Shared spaces feature different looks and layouts from restaurant-style booths to mid-century modern furniture. Bright colors infuse the spaces with energy. The workstations are aligned toward the windows to get access to maximum sunlight.

Cool offices: ZS Associates offices in Gurgaon, India

Fostering collaboration: With an ‘inside-out’ floor plan, workstations are at the perimeter of the floor and cabins—or private offices— and meeting rooms are on the interior. Partitions between individual work stations are low and can also be removed or shifted to create flexible, collaborative workspaces.  The workstation can be rearranged to fit a new work setting while ample open space comes with scope for expansion in future, adding more strategic viability to the space.

4 zs office gurgaon

There are numerous large glass whiteboards to foster brainstorming and innovation. The cabins and meeting rooms are situated in a way so as to ensure easy accessibility from all areas of the floor. Each floor is well-equipped with comfortable informal spaces such as breakout zones, collaboration hubs, booths and focus rooms.

Cool offices: ZS Associates offices in Gurgaon, India

Emphasizing what defines ZS’ business, culture and people: The space features photographs of real ZSers to add to the authenticity—we are what we express—and motivational quotes line the walls. A gym, recreation room and cafeteria promote wellness and socialization. Linear benching is used to make the workspace more efficient and agile. An inviting reception lounge welcomes visitors. In a nod to ZS’ global clientele and working model, meeting rooms and collaboration areas are named after regions around the world.

Cool offices: ZS Associates offices in Gurgaon, India

ZS’ Wall of Inspiration is the best manifestation of the collaborative effort between all the teams. This striking space features messages from various ZSers from around the globe about their work, experiences and aspirations. The entire office sports motivational quotes from famous leaders.

Cool offices: ZS Associates offices in Gurgaon, India


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