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Furniture: MECCANO metal modules

MECCANO has been one of the most popular construction toys for children — known for its kit of metal parts that offer endless building possibilities. But as an adult, you don’t have to grow out of the hours of fun it offers. Its simple assembly of parts has been licensed for production into large-scale, aimed at creating furniture that evolves with your home and personal needs.

Furniture: MECCANO metal modules

Presented at Maison&objet 2015 in Paris, MECCANO HOME is comprised of 20 modules in a variety of colors which have multiple functions, allowing you to construct a variety of furniture typologies (a chair, coffee table, console, standing table, stool etc…), all with the ease and simplicity which we know and associate with MECCANO.

Furniture: MECCANO metal modules

Just like the original games, MECCANO HOME meets specific perforation standards that are compatible with MECCANO’s familiar nut and screw system. This hardware sees the leg of a chair also being used for supporting a coffee table, or a stool.

Furniture: MECCANO metal modules

It is the nut, that was designed and built by the MECCANO HOME team which is at the center of the modular concept, allowing simplified assembly and dismantling of pieces without any damage.

Furniture: MECCANO metal modules

This hardware is available in eight different colors, interchangeable with the metal modules — all of which are treated and finished with the same paint used for outdoor furniture, ensuring resistance and durability.

Furniture: MECCANO metal modules


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