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Bids from Hell 209: mocking the mock-up

Bids from Hell 209: mocking the mock-up

In this week’s Bids from Hell 209: mocking the mock-up.

“All bidders are requested to provide us with a mock-up of the furniture solutions proposed at no charge. The mock-up will be weighed 15% in the awarding of the project.”

Some research told us that in the end, 11 suppliers provided the mock-up. Which was not an easy one: included were desking, storage, seating and break our furniture solutions, mostly especially made on the architect’s specification with minor deviations from industry standards.

Would you go through all this trouble for only 15% of the total decision? Not providing a mock-up would not have led to automatic exclusion, you would only have scored 0 on this item. Maybe an alternative strategy would have been to deduct the cost value of the mock-up from the total bid price. Mock-ups are costly adventures.

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