Wilkhahn’s new Environmental Statement

Wilkhahn's new Environmental Statement

Wilkhahn’s new Environmental Statement. In their new environmental statement, German manufacturer of professional furniture, Wilkhahn, describes an important piece of its corporate philosophy.

Because ‘design made in Germany’ embraces a lot more than innovative product design and enduring quality. In the “Consolidated environmental statement 2014-2016”, Wilkhahn talks about its approach to climate protection, social responsibility, resource efficiency and health management. It also puts forward objectives that they want to achieve in the next few years.

According to Wilkhahn, ‘Sustainability usually starts with small details.’ As an example they mention ecological upholstery materials that Wilkhahn uses (wherever it makes sense) and include wool, cork and natural coconut fibres, or renewable feedstock. Wilkhahn says it attaches huge importance to the fact that its products and the materials, procedures and processes applied to make them are responsible in social and ecological terms.
The “Consolidated environmental statement 2014-2016” explains exactly what that means in more detail.

Over 40 pages, the publication looks at Wilkhahn’s environmental performance, describes company guidelines, design principles, quality and material standards. Even if the brochure’s called an “Environmental statement” Wilkhahn says it clearly shows that it’s focus is on people: “When going about their jobs, the company’s designers always ask themselves how furniture can improve the well-being, health, creativity and performance and productivity of office workers.”

Wilkhahn continues by saying that, “this doesn’t just apply to customers but also to the company itself, as the chapter on health management and personnel development at Wilkhahn indicates. A centrefold overview of the company’s history is interesting. It shows at a glance how corporate architecture, a people-based approach, responsibility for the environment, products and market development are all linked.”

You can download the Environmental Statement here.



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