Furniture: Herman Miller partners with Unbranded Designs for Design Challenge

In a unique open call for submissions, designers can enter product designs online in a competition through which the winning concept may be selected by Herman Miller to develop and make commercially available. Herman Miller is teaming up with Unbranded Designs, a Chicago-based company dedicated to engaging the global design community to create innovative products that empower people, to launch the open design challenge.

Herman Miller logo

Beginning September 11, designers can submit product design proposals online, using Unbranded Designs’ online platform, for Herman Miller to select the next great commercially viable product design. All design submissions will go through a thorough review process, including open feedback from the design community as well as a jury of design experts. Designers will have a chance to make changes based on the feedback, and the jury will regroup to select a winner.

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“This is not a ‘fun competition’ for ideas; it is a process and opportunity that focuses on the commercial potential of the best ideas, which in turn leads to fantastic opportunities for designers and innovative products for Herman Miller,” said Sameer Dohadwala, co-founder of Unbranded Designs.

One winner will be selected, and that designer receives $10,000 cash. Herman Miller will evaluate the design’s potential for production. If it does go to market, the designer will receive royalties on all units sold, consistent with Herman Miller’s typical royalty arrangements. If Herman Miller decides not to move forward with formal development of designers’ work, the designers will maintain 100 percent ownership of their designs.

Designers that do not win are eligible to receive prizes, recognition throughout the challenge, and feedback from the jury of design experts.

For more details on the challenge and to submit, visit



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