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Spectrum and Rietveld Originals join forces

Dutch investment company Ampar has acquired a significant shareholding in the Dutch design furniture brand Spectrum.

Last year, Ampar participated in another Dutch design furniture brand, Rietveld Originals. As a result of the recent participation in Spectrum, the two brands will join forces and Spectrum will manage the Rietveld Originals collection.

Spectrum and Rietveld

Spectrum was founded in 1941 (as Weverij De Ploeg) and is mostly known for its collection designed by Martin Visser. Other Spectrum designers are Arian Brekveld, Studio Parade and Chris Slutter.

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld was a well-known Dutch architect and designer who lived from 1888 until 1964.

According to Titus Darley of Ampar this acquisition fits its investment strategy: “With Ampar we aim at Dutch companies that produce crafted quality products for the consumer market. The beautiful collection and history of Spectrum matches this strategy. In addition, we think that Spectrum and Rietveld Originals will strengthen each other on a number of important points.”

Spectrum CEO Cindy Verhoeven sees big advantages of the cooperation: “I look forward to the cooperation with Titus and Ampar to further develop this new combination. Soon we will add a number of designs of Rietveld to our collection. Designs that haven’t been introduced before.”

The first of these products will be the Unesco Press Room chair.

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