Green architecture: school’s bamboo tent in Bali

Bali is known for its beautiful bamboo architecture – and the Bamboo Tent, designed by architects Ibuku, is an amazing example of what can be accomplished with local, sustainable materials.

1 Bamboo-Tent-Bali-Andrew-Ma

The Bamboo Tent is located along the Ayung River near Ubud, and it was recently used for the Conservation Conference Weekend organized by the off-the-grid Green School and attended by renowned conservationist Jane Goodall.

2 Bamboo-Tent-Bali-Andrew-Ma

Bamboo, one of the most sustainable building materials in the world, can grow up to four feet in a single day and combines strength and flexibility. It is affordable and abundant and, in the case of equatorial states, can be locally sourced. Ibuku’s tent, developed together with architecture student Andrew Ma, combines bamboo with other organic materials. The only non-organic materials used during construction were plastic ropes that hold bamboo poles together.

3 Bamboo-Tent-Bali-Andrew-Ma

The building was commissioned by Green School in Bali, whose campus is made entirely from sustainably harvested bamboo. The building was used for the graduation ceremony and the Conservation Conference Weekend that featured Dr. Jane Goodall as their honorary speaker. They were looking to build a structure that could accommodate 500 people and would not destroy the site.

4 Bamboo-Tent-Bali-Andrew-Ma

The structure comprised multiple teepee tents connected with structural poles to ensure additional anchoring support. In order to prevent lateral movements, 15cm diameter reject bamboo poles were cut in quarters at a 50cm length and anchored down on the ends and the sides of each bamboo pole. Except for a few large poles, which were brought in from Java, most of the resources were sourced locally.



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