Conversions: stone barn into woodwork training centre

Czech studio 3+1 Architekti has added a zigzagging wooden extension over old stone walls to turn a former agricultural barn into a woodwork training centre.

2 JACER-training-center-by-3+1-architekti

Woodworking firm Jacer asked 3+1 Architekti to create a training facility near the city of Ústí nad Labem. The site already contained several 19th-century farm buildings constructed around a courtyard, but these had become derelict after being abandoned in the 1990s.

3 JACER-training-center-by-3+1-architekti

Recognising the historical appeal of the existing structures, the architects convinced the client to insert the offices, classrooms and meeting rooms for the training centre inside the remaining walls of a ruined barn, rather than constructing an entirely new building.

6 JACER-training-center-by-3+1-architekti

“We were able to keep the original form of the complex and to preserve the interesting facade,” said architect Pavel Plánička . “Compared to new buildings, using original fragments adds continuity to places where something new emerges, and it wasn’t any more expensive.”

7 JACER-training-center-by-3+1-architekti

The barn’s 62-metre-long stone walls were retained and existing openings were adapted to provide entrances and windows for the new building.

4 JACER-training-center-by-3+1-architekti

The old walls support the new second storey, which was added to accommodate the additional space required by the client.


Skylights integrated into the east-facing surfaces allow a consistent level of daylight to reach classrooms arranged across the top floor, while west-facing windows illuminate a communication space and a large meeting room.

5 JACER-training-center-by-3+1-architekti


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