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Herman Miller starts production of Yves Behar’s Public Office Landscape

American brand Herman Miller has begun producing the flexible office furniture collections designed by Yves Behar’s studio Fuseproject and London company Industrial Facility.

1 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture

Herman Miller has started selling products in the two collections created for collaborative working, which were first unveiled at the NeoConfurniture fair in Chicago last year.

2 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture

Fuseproject‘s Public Office Landscape collection has been designed to create various open-plan workspace configurations, that can be moved around as companies grow and change.

3 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture

It features a seat module with the same height as the desks, which integrates into the office set up to allow colleagues to work at each other’s desks if necessary.

4 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture

Partitions that clip onto the elements can be moved and rearranged to form private workspaces or clusters for team participation.

5 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture

The Locale range by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facilityfeatures rounded height-adjustable desks for working seated or presenting ideas standing.

6 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture

The desks are unified by a linear base element that doubles as extra storage space, and also features seating, shelving and audio-visual modules.

7 Herman-Miller-public-office-furniture


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