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The N in NWOW means Normal in the Netherlands

NWOW Pauline Siebers

New Ways of Working or NWOW is no longer considered new in the Netherlands, but is considered the norm.

This is the outcome of a national survey into New Ways of Working, in which 4,858 companies participated.

Last year, 42% of the respondents indicated NWOW as the future work norm, this is reduced to only 17% in this years’ survey.

Trust as an important part of NWOW has increased as well. 94% indicates that they are able to handle the responsibilities deriving from NWOW. Checks and controls are not necessary, said 40% of the respondents. This was 30% last year.

82% indicated that the manager can rely on them; 69% trusts that colleagues are working even though they are not visible. This was 65% in 2012.

The potential downside of NWOW – working at odd hours or during the weekend – is not considered a disadvantage by about two thirds of the respondents. This is the same as in the last survey.


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