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Interview with Kinnarps CEO Per-Arne Andersson

Swedish manufacturer of professional furniture, Kinnarps, is going though a difficult period.

Recently, it announced the cancellation of 50 job positions at its main facilities in Sweden, which last week has been reduced to 33 after negotiations with the works council.

In March of this year, Kinnarps Germany replaced its CEO, which generally happens for a reason.

Per Arne Andersson, CEO Kinnarps
Per Arne Andersson, CEO Kinnarps

German magazine Mensch & Büro interviewed Kinnarps CEO Jan-Perne Andersson, with the focus on Kinnarps Germany.

Q: With the new CEO in the person of Sebastian Groesslhuber a seasoned sales professional was appointed. Is this the last attempt to save Kinnarps’ German project?

Andersson: Not at all. We want to be and stay in Germany. And we want to grow here. Therefore, we are following our masterplan.

Q: Do the customers still have confidence?

Andersson: Surely we have to rebuild the trust, that is why I count with a light decline, before we will grow again. But in general we are on the right track and not everything is going badly for us in Germany. It is more of a challenge.

Q: So you don’t want to give up on the German market?

Andersson: On the contrary. You can count on the fact that Kinnarps will stay on the German market and will do it utmost for it.

Q: What does that mean?

Andersson: We want to be a good supplier and partner for the dealer channel. We need them as local partners and we support them in their projects. The end-customer should remain their customer, of course.

Q: You are generally optimistic…

Andersson: The entire Kinnarps Group is in the right track. We are going through a generation change at all levels. This is a very exciting process, from which we expect a lot.

Q: A last word on Germany?

Andersson: We will do it!


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