Design for free: flat-pack Zip Tie Lounge Chair

OpenDesk and Baltimore-based Object Guerrilla have developed the Zip Tie Lounge Chair, a new flat-pack offering that can be assembled with 44 zip ties in a matter of minutes.

1 flat pack furniture

The simple wooden frame requires just 16 square feet (1.5 square meters) of plywood and can be cut on a CNC router in less than an hour.

OpenDesk’s platform allows users to download the plans for free, or use the OpenDesk network to contract a local fabricator to produce the chair in kit form.

2 flat pack furniture

The chair takes advantage of the flexibility inherent in zip tie joinery to create an articulated hammock of seating panels that conforms to the body. Materially efficient, it leverages the power of the web to design globally and distribute locally, slashing the carbon footprint.

3 flat pack furniture


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