Next Life: sheep’s wool into pretty chairs

Designer Justin Floyd has cooked up a durable new furniture material made from coarse wool sheared off upland Herdwick sheep – right in his own oven.

Called “Solidwool,” the hard yet warm material can be used to build chairs, countertops and even baths.

1 Solidwool-Chair

Floyd, a product designer, created Solidwool in his own kitchen at night after work, using his oven to experiment with turning bales of wool into hardened materials.

The wool is meshed with environmentally-friendly bio-resin that is low in toxins.

3 Solidwool-Chair

For now, the wool composite, which acts like an organic fibreglass material, can be moulded into comfy and durable chairs, solid counter tops, and smooth bathtubs.

Eventually the designer hopes his Solidwool might also be used as a sustainable replacement for Injection Moulded Polymers and fibreglass for manufacturing structural parts.

4 Solidwool-Chair

Inspired by Eames designs, the Solidwool line provides an innovative, sustainable furniture alternative, and re-enlivens a sleepy, historic industry in the designer’s hometown.

2 Solidwool-Chair


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