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Next Life: unwanted wood into furniture

Finnish designer and woodworker Jalmari Laihinen‘s amazing new collection of furniture celebrates the beauty of cracked, harsh edged wood that would otherwise go unnoticed or discarded.

2 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari

The cracked corners and defects in Jalmari Laihinen’s Broken furnishings remind us that wood is a natural material derived from plants.

1 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari

With variation in moisture wood can be made to bend – or in this case it can break and snap.

3 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari

Laihinen adds that “timber is not [a] static material…It has a spirit, in a way it never dies.”

4 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari

With the Broken collection, he aims to create furniture that will last for one hundred years.

5 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari
6 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari
7 Broken-Wood-Furniture-by-Jalmari



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