New eco-friendly top coat for Feek furniture

American furniture and architectural solutions manufacturer Trendway has announced what the company says is a unique water-based top coat for its Feek NA (North America) Fundamentals and Feek Custom product lines.


This innovation reportedly positions Feek as the first coated foam furniture on the U.S. market utilizing a more sustainable water-based colour coat technology.


Coated foam products have been manufactured in Europe for over a decade. In search of a more sustainable process, the Trendway team collaborated with a proven global coatings manufacturer to create a highly durable, comfortable, water-based topcoat that greatly reduces volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and the overall environmental footprint of the Feek NA manufacturing process.


The transition to a 100% water-based topcoat results in an approximate 60% reduction in emitted VOCs for the coating process, with an overall reduction of 30% for the entire Feek manufacturing process, says Trendway.


In addition, much less VOC-containing solvent is required for the general clean-up and maintenance of the process, and less contaminated solvent is generated for disposal, reducing the product’s environmental footprint.


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