Telework because of snow saves more than costs of implementing telework

The severe winter storms this season has led the U.S. Federal government to close Washington-area agencies four times.

According to figures released Monday by Global Workplace Analytics and Telework Research Network, telework has saved federal agencies USD 32 million in productivity over the four days since December that D.C.-area federal offices have been closed due to snow and ice.

This savings is more than the entire cost of implementing telework government-wide.
The Congressional Budget Office in 2010 estimated the entire five-year cost of implementing telework at federal agencies at USD 30 million. Estimates during the four-day Snowmageddon shutdown in 2010 also show the federal government lost between USD 70 million and USD 100 million per day in productivity.

Telework week

Global Workplace Analytics estimates that agencies could have saved an additional $68 million over those four days if all employees who were eligible or wanted to telework actually did so.

“The winter of 2014 has offered all the evidence anyone should need to drive federal telework forward,” said Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, in an interview with NextGov, “The reality is that telework pays for itself many times over and not just on snow days.

Getting those 34 percent of federal employees who are eligible but not yet teleworking should be a priority as should increasing the frequency of the 5 percent of feds who do so only occasionally.”


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