A dragon office building in Paris

Architecture firm DTACC and Agence Jouin Manku are redefining Parisian office spaces, starting with an avant garde upgrade to a historic office campus.

1 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Entitled IN/OUT, the dynamic design includes a new, curving amenities wing coated in shimmering iridescent shingles reminiscent of dragon scales.

2 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Viewed from different angles, the colourful stainless steel shingles change colour and flash from green to blue and purple to create the illusion of a dragon in movement.

3 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Commissioned by the real estate company Société Foncière Lyonnaise, architecture firm DTACC and Agence Jouin Manku sought to bring a fresh and modern upgrade that complemented the existing historic office architecture.

4 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Located on the banks of Seine, the seven-acre site is home to a reinforced concrete building regarded by many as a historic landmark and symbol of the golden age of industry.

5 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Within the IN/OUT office campus, the amenities wing includes a café, restaurant, boardrooms, a 200-seat auditorium, lounges, terraces, and fitness rooms.

6 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

The redesign also includes a new lobby and other various technical spaces including a glass pavilion suspended by a thin wooden lattice.

7 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

The pavilion, which is located in the central courtyard, acts as a transition point between the lobby of historical building and the new contemporary amenities wing.

9 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Built around the concepts of passage and movement, the vibrant amenities wing makes a dynamic departure in style from the existing bush hammered concrete.

11 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

Beneath the roof’s colourful stainless steel tiles, a glass and concrete façade partitioned by vertical timber slats curves around the wing.

To reinforce the illusion of movement, the wing is split into two sections that wrap around and connect to a central concrete tower.

12 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku

A footbridge made from white steel and wood leads from the wing to the existing building, creating a symbolic link between the two architectural styles.

14 IN-OUT-by-Agence-Jouin-Manku


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