KI Introduces CARBON-NEGATIVE chair

American professional furniture maker KI introduced the world’s first carbon-negative chair at the U.S. Greenbuild 2013 trade fair.

The chair is made with AirCarbon™—a revolutionary, paradigm-shifting thermoplastic developed by California-based Newlight Technologies.

From left to right: Evan Creelman, COO, Mark Herrema, CEO, Kenton Kimmel, CTO of Newlight Technologies
Newlight Technologies’ team from left to right: Evan Creelman, COO, Mark Herrema, CEO, Kenton Kimmel, CTO

Newlight’s patented manufacturing technology captures carbon that would otherwise be in the air and converts it into AirCarbon. KI will be the exclusive provider of AirCarbon in the contract furniture industry.

“By using carbon that would otherwise be in the air we are breathing right now, AirCarbon turns everyday goods into products that actually improve the environment,” said Mark Herrema, CEO, Newlight. “Combined with a cost profile that is more favorable than oil-based plastics, AirCarbon has the potential to change the world.”

Inspired by carbon-capturing processes found in nature, and as a result of Newlight’s breakthroughs in gas conversion yield and polymer performance, AirCarbon-based materials can replicate the performance of oil-based plastics while significantly out-competing on price, representing a market-driven solution to displacing oil, reducing material cost and stabilizing climate change.

“AirCarbon represents the future of sustainability and is on the cutting-edge of sustainable manufacturing practices, “ said Dick Resch, CEO, KI. “We’re excited to introduce AirCarbon to our customers, who emphasize good stewardship of the environment and want to do business with companies that share that commitment.”

Upon completion of lifecycle analysis and environmental testing in early 2014, KI will begin introducing AirCarbon into some of its most successful product lines, including the Strive and Grazie seating collections.


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