Green building: an awarded green-roofed facility

The Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility in Petaluma, California, USA, boasts a lush green roof that is irrigated with reclaimed waste water.

1 Ellis-Creek-Symbios

Symbios designed the green roof to demonstrate this green technology’s viability, which was further confirmed when the building received the 2013 Green Roof Awards of Excellence.

2 Ellis-Creek-Symbios

The Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility living roof irrigated with the building’s waste water covers two buildings and an area of approximately 12,174 square feet (1,131 square meters).

3 Ellis-Creek-Symbios

Located in an area prone to droughts, the green roof demonstrates the viability of building with integrated vegetation, which stays active and fresh and maximizes the building’s performance.

4 Ellis-Creek-Symbios

The facility generates over 700 million gallons (2,649 million litres) of treated or reclaimed water yearly, but the roof uses just a small fraction of this volume.

5 Ellis-Creek-Symbios

In theory, the reclaimed water could help irrigate millions of square feet of green roofs, thereby reducing pressure on municipal water sources.

The Ellis Creek’s green roof can be seen from an adjacent walking trail and functions like a small ecosystem that supports a variety of plant and animal species.

6 Ellis-Creek-Symbios
7 Ellis-Creek-Symbios



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