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Kinnarps restructures organisation

Kinnarps DL

In order to improve productivity and react to changing market needs, Swedish manufacturer of professional furniture, Kinnarps, is planning to move its chair production from Minden, Germany, to Jönköping and Skillingaryd, Sweden.

At the same time, it wants to create an ‘International Design Centre’ in Minden.

Kinnarps hope to realise its plans no later than in the first half of 2014. 140 employees of Kinnarps in Minden will be effected by these plans, which are under discussion with the works council.

The International Design Centre will have the product development of the brands Drabert and MartinStoll as its main focus. In addition, the departments ‘After-Sales Service’ and ‘Customer Service’ will be housed there.

This will be the third International Design Centres of Kinnarps, the other two are in Sweden.

Per-Arne Andersson, CEO Kinnarps
Per-Arne Andersson, CEO Kinnarps

Per-Arne Andersson, CEO  of Kinnarps, said:”We would like to offer our customers a complete working environment. This means that we need skills in various fields. Now we combine our expertise in design, technology, construction and development in three international design centres within the group. This will accelerate product development and expand our offerings.

Our goal is to develop new concepts and offer customers comprehensive solutions for office design.

We expect considerable advantages of this rationalisation. By combining the chair production in Sweden, we will be able to work more efficiently and more economically.”

Jörg Pannekoike, CEO of Kinnarps Germany added: “The restructuring is not easy for us. The chair production in Minden has a long tradition and our employees have a lot of know-how and long experience.

Swedish management has extensively analysed the consequences of these measures. The factories in Sweden are the most modern and belong to the top in Europe when it comes to efficiency. This restructuring will therefore guarantee the high quality of our products.

The foundation of the new International Design Centre in Minden enables us to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of our product development and in this way, ensure our competitiveness in Germany in the long run.”


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