Wilkhahn launches Asienta

German professional furniture maker Wilkhahn inroduced the Asienta lounge-furniture range, a range ‘with a certain cachet that combines health-boosting comfort with contemporary design.’

1 Asienta

Designed by Marcus Jehs and Jürgen Laub (who also designed the Graph chair for Wilkhahn), the Asienta range consists of chairs, sofas, upholstered benches and side tables.

2 Asienta

According to Wilkhahn, ‘the traditionally cube-shaped furniture is ideal for virtually any prestigious interior-design concept that aims to fuse first-class and elegant touches with comfortable furniture to while away the time on.’

3 Asienta

‘The world’s first Asienta project is a prime example of the approach. Australian law firm TressCox picked colourful versions to underpin the whimsical and inviting appeal of its reception at the new Sydney headquarters.’


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