Herman Miller presents Locale office furniture

London studio Industrial Facility has designed an office furniture system for American professional furniture manufacturer Herman Miller that promotes interaction in the workplace.

2 Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Locale is an intelligent office furniture system that previewed at NeoCon 2013 as part of Herman Miller’s Living Office.

1 Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Locale promotes collaboration at work by creating dynamic, high-performance neighbourhoods that allow for free movement, variety and adjustability.

3 Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Locale makes working together simpler and more pleasurable by promoting interaction around large, adjustable tables, and by fostering easy transition between focussed work and collaboration.

4 Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Cantilevered, rounded work surfaces give individuals more space to change position throughout the day and can easily accommodate multiple colleagues to sit or stand together without the clutter of legs at floor level.

5 Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Locale simplifies the usual chaos of collaborative work and cleverly balances individual and group needs within an open plan office.

6 Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

“One could argue that collaboration is a buzzword right now, that somehow it might go away, but we think this is unimaginable,” says Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility. “People are collaborating globally, empowered by digital networks, but the most ambitious businesses still need productive, collaborative physical environments.”


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