Sodexo: 2013 workplace trends

Sodexo Workplace Trends 2013

Global provider of quality-of-life services in the areas of food and facilities management, Sodexo, has released its 2013 Workplace Trends Report. This annual report offers fresh insight into the pressing issues that leaders of top organizations face on a daily basis.

According to the report, conversations in the C-Suite and in corporate board rooms continue to focus on maximizing resources at every function and level of organizations. These trends will remain important and relevant in driving positive business results.

The 2013 Workplace Trends as identified by Sodexo are:

  • The built environment’s crucial role in organisation performance
  • Superstar recruitment—the power of community
  • Inspiring a connection to people, community and brand through CSR
  • A contemporary view of inclusion and its effect on psychological health
  • 21st century mentoring
  • Thriving in the cloud
  • Ushering in the new era of recognition
  • Facilities Management: A strategy, not a tactic
  • Data reporting OUT; predictive modelling IN
  • International design and construction; a shifting paradigm
  • The changing office…Literally
  • Integration as THE solution

Sodexo has also released a thought leadership mobile application, Sodexo Insight Innovation , for iPads that is available from the iTunes App Store.

The Workplace Trends Report is published annually by Sodexo’s I2S researchers, in partnership with a consortium of industry leaders and end-users.

View the report online.


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