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We believe in a better world through education and design.

Recently, SourceYour presented the improved performance and look of

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We started our blog in support of SourceYour in August 2010.
With we aim for organisations to spend less money, reduce waste and improve decisions when purchasing furniture and facilities. At the outset, we pledged 5% of our revenue to charities which have education support as their main aim.

With more than 400 customers across Europe, is growing fast and has become a tool of consideration for all kinds of projects, from an organisation with 75 employees in Austria till the largest furnishing project in The Netherlands in 2013.
We are active in The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

Our blog has enjoyed equal success with 39,000+ regular followers and newsletter recipients.
We are a blog for architects, designers, facility managers, buyers and everybody who is interested in a better world through education and design.
We blog about New Ways of Working, workplace design, Next Life buildings and interior products, the professional furnishing industry, education and of course, Bids from Hell.
See our factsheet for more detailed information.

More information does not lead to better decisions
Better information does

With this in mind, we have decided to make it even more easy for our visitors to get access to the information they seek. We have integrated with so all information can now be found in one spot. If you want to rank suppliers against your set of requirements and product specifications, you would need to use
Our blog is free and always will be.

For companies it is now possible to become a partner at various levels so they can decide for themselves which level of information they want to provide to their customers via our platforms. And hence, increase their reach and traffic to their own websites, showrooms and people.
Here you find more information on our partnership and advertising possibilities.

Please let us know what you think – improvement never travels alone.

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spend less money | reduce your waste | improve your decision

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