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To our WordPress followers

We have moved our blog to a self-hosted server using instead of

On our new site we have added many features enhancing what we set out to do: to bring better information easier to people allowing them to spend less money, reduce their waste and improve their decisions.

One of the disadvantages of a self-hosted site is that the ‘Follow’ function provided by WordPress is no longer working for our posts. If you follow our blog using this functionality (our posts appear in your Reader), we kindly request you to sign up by email or get the RSS-feed on our renewed blog.

Please sign up by email on the left hand side or by clicking on the RSS-feed icon on the right hand side.


We apologise for the inconvenience and we hope you will enjoy our new site as much as you did our old one, and hopefully, even more.

On behalf of the SourceYour | so you know better team, I thank you for your continued support!


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