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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 18 September 2012 introduces dealer module

Today, SourceYour announces the introduction of the dealer module on

The professional furnishing industry is characterized by strong ties between manufacturers and their dealers. Where manufacturers excel in products, delivery time and guarantee terms, their dealers provide complementary local services.
Together, they create the value chain, which includes other items as well, such as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Until now, has been populated by manufacturers, which were ranked on the basis of individual customer requirements. As of today, dealers are represented in as well.

Selection of requirements does not only result in a ranking of manufacturers, but also in a sub-ranking of dealers. The scores of manufacturer and dealer on their areas of expertise enhance each other and provide the customer with an integral picture of the quality he can expect.
The dealer contributes to a higher ranking of ‘his’ manufacturers by providing good claims management and service.
The manufacturer contributes to a higher ranking of ‘his’ dealers by creating a good product portfolio and providing competitive lead times, guarantee terms, continuity of supply, distribution and CSR.

Bastiaan Brouns, the founder of SourceYour explained: “In this way, does more justice to the market structure in the professional furnishing industry. Manufacturers and dealers strengthen one another by focusing on what they are good at and, together, they create added value for the customer. Now a manufacturer can achieve a higher ranking thanks to a good dealer performance, and vice versa.”

SourceYour invites all professional furnishing companies to add their information to by clicking one of the links below.

For dealers:
For manufacturers:

For an impression or, see the video on our homepage.
For demos of the various stages of, click here.

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SourceYour and were initiated by SY Services BV in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Aimed at Facilities & Furniture, the objective of SourceYour is to make purchasing processes easier, less expensive and more fun. This leads to better decisions, which, by definition, are more sustainable.

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Rethinking the way things are done and supporting education to create sustainable improvement are core values of SourceYour.

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