Wilkhahn produces 100,000 ON chairs

German professional furniture maker Wilkhahn has produced 100,000 ON chairs in its factory close to Hannover, Germany.

Wilkhahn’s ON chairs

Wilkhahn introduced the ON in 2010 and won the German Design Award 2011. Wilkhahn promotes the ON as the first 3D synchronous task chair in the world.

In 1979, Wilkhahn introduced the FS chair, the first 2D synchronous task chair in the world. Until now, Wilkhahn has produced 3.6 million pieces of the FS chair and it is still going.

Wilkhahn’s FS chairs

In 1991, Wilkhahn introduced the Modus chair, the first task chair with stretch upholstery. Still in production, Wilkhahn has produced 2 million pieces of the Modus chair until now.

Wilkhahn’s Modus chairs

The ON chair is on its way to catch up with these striking examples of innovation in the office furniture industry.

via Wilkhahn produceert zijn bureaustoel ON voor de 100.000e keer | Officenieuws.

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