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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17 January 2012 releases e-Auction Phase

Today, SourceYour announced the release of the e-Auction Phase on

Bastiaan Brouns, creator of SourceYour and said: “In the e-Auction Phase, the platform shows its real power. Full data integrity is guaranteed; data which has been checked and approved is transferred one-to-one from the Information and Qualification Phases. In addition, our e-Auction Phase can be executed on six different criteria with full transparency to the bidders”.

The new e-Auction Phase is a unique tool to get the best long-term value for money. It has the following setup:


In addition to standard items, such as communication options, product specification, date and time of the e-Auction, options for extension and type of contract, a customer selects the weight he attaches to the different auction elements: product cost, transport, delivery and installation cost, price of services, guarantee period, continuity of supply period and terms of payment.

Customers can establish their own level of transparency by deciding whether they want the bidders to know the names of other bidders and of the customers’ incumbent suppliers. They can weigh the different e-Auction elements, ascertain when the contract will be awarded and decide if the contract will be automatically awarded to the winner (and if not, what following steps will be taken).


This involves the execution of the e-Auction at the specified date and time. Tracking the e-Auction is made easy for all participants: the dashboard is built specifically for each e-Auction and is derived from the customized set-up by the customer.

Bastiaan Brouns explained: “In general, e-auctions only focus on the price of the product and are reputed to reduce the cost by an average 18%. At SourceYour, we believe you get what you pay for – we believe the focus should be on value and total cost of ownership. Buying a product is the easy part, the challenge is to own it at the lowest cost during its lifetime.”

See the demos on the e-Auction Phase and the other phases on:

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Aimed at Facilities & Furniture, the aim of SourceYour is to make purchasing processes sustainable.

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